About Me


Kia ora! I am Yazhi, a New Zealander transplanted to South Texas where I live with my husband Michael, toddler Emma and crazy cat Chairman Meow.

When I had Emma, I retired from the world of IT Consulting to be a full-time mom and began my adventures in parenthood. I have a seven year old autistic son, Izaak, who still lives in New Zealand. When I had him, I went straight back into the office and never had the opportunity to appreciate the many challenges and wonders of being home with your children.

On this blog you will read a lot about my very cute and spirited toddler who is still breastfed, cloth diapered and worn. When I’m not wrangling Emma, folding diapers and working on my Babywearing Institute Certified Babywearing Educator qualification, I am cooking and baking cavewoman style.

Peace out, my lovelies!

You can reach me using the following form: