Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday


Happy 8th Birthday to my baby boy Izaak in New Zealand. This is him at my parents’ house last night with the cake I ordered him.

Another birthday I have missed and it hurts to my very core. 8 years ago today, through blood,sweat and tears, you were brought into this world and I continued being, my heart forever living outside my body.

You are never far from my thoughts and I live every day holding on to the memories of when you were but a small bundle of sweetness cuddling and nursing every night, when you belly laughed for the first time, when you started toddling, when you first went to kindergarten and school, when you first called me Mummy.

I hold on to the hope and belief that I will one day be able to make up for these years that I am not physically by your side to make more memories. It is this hope that keeps me from falling apart and crumbling where I stand.


  1. Happy, happy birthday Izaak!! That looks like an awesome cake!! Enjoy your special day and make a BIG wish 😀

  2. Today is my birthday is as well 🙂 March 22 must just be a lucky day! HAPPY BIRTHDAY IZAAK!!