Crunchy Baby loves RebHellian Tees

Crunchy Baby loves RebHellian Tees

I am picky about what I put on Emma. I wish I had the patience for frou-frou frocks and blouses but the truth is, getting dressed is something neither of us relish. Maybe one day when I’m not 100 months pregnant and she is more cooperative, we can start enjoying mother-daughter dress-up time. For now, getting dressed is a bit like a race to get everyone ready to go out the door with minimal foot stomping and fussing.

So how do you still jazz up your toddler’s outfit without having to find creative ways to get a restless one to sit still while you buttoned a hundred little snaps or tied ridiculously small bows and ribbons?

What about some unique, cute kids tees from RebHellian Tees?

Did someone say "cute"?

Did someone say “cute”?

RebHellian Tees is a mama-owned, mama-run business out of San Diego, CA. This lovely and talented mama uses water-based ink on American Apparel clothing to create statement tees and onesies for children (and also bigger tee shirts for men). Her designs are right up Crunchy Mama’s alley with shirts that proclaim “Breastfed”, “Crunchy” and “Will Sign 4 Food” as well as some other beautiful designs.

Crunchy, that's us

I simple can not wait until Jr arrives in April so I can put my two babies in these matching Crunchy shirts! Can you imagine?

Crunchy Pair

Thank you Tina and RebHellian Tees for the shirts- we adore them and can’t wait to see more new designs from you!

Crunchy Tee Shirt Baby

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