Cloth Diaper Review – GroVia All-In-Two

Cloth Diaper Review – GroVia All-In-Two

Grovia AI2

I have a soft spot for GroVia. They were Emma’s first diaper when she was a wee one and we are still very fond of them. GroVia makes a range of products and the one I will show you today is their All-In-Two(AI2)/Hybrid System.

Let’s take a closer look…
As an All-In-Two, the diaper consists of basically two parts – a water-proof outer shell and an absorbent soaker.

Shell and insert

There is a choice of soakers available with this system. You can have a stay-dry hemp soaker, an organic cotton soaker. The soakers are multi-layered and gusseted. They are quite thirsty.

There is also a disposable soaker option (hence, the “hybrid”). The shell is basically a waterproof cover so also works with prefolds.

The soaker snaps into the shell at the front and back.

Back snap

Front snap

Here is how the snapped-in stay-dry soaker looks, it’s very nice and trim.

Stay Dry Soaker snapped in.

One of the selling points for GroVia AI2s is the reusability of the shells. The shell can be reused for multiple diaper changes, you only need to change the soaker. If the shell is damp, you can give it a quick rinse and it can be hung to dry in a matter of hours.

How does this diaper fit and absorb?

This is a one-size diaper that fits most babies from 8-30 lbs. The shell has three rises that snap for adjustment and there is a choice of snaps or aplix for the waist.

Rises on Grovia

GroVia also offers doubler inserts that you can lay on top of the soaker to provide extra absorbency for those heavy wetters or naptimes.

with a doubler

These are a favorite for naptimes around here.

How does it look? Are there cute prints?
GroVia’s prints are among some of the cutest on the market! We really loved their last season’s owls and their current range has some really gorgeous prints too.

They are among the trimmest of diapers even with the doubler in them and are really eye-catching in prints.


What about care and durability?
These are the oldest diapers in our collection and hold up splendidly.

The shells are really easy-care. They don’t require prepping, just a wash. They hang dry and dry very quickly.

The soakers have an arduous prepping process. With my stay-dry hemp soakers, I had to wash them about 6-8 times before they became fully absorbent. It is just the nature of this type of material but when they are fully prepped, they are really absorbent and perform really well.

Our wash routine is fairly standard. We do a cold pre-rinse, hot wash and second cold rinse. The shells are hung to dry. The soakers can be thrown in the dryer on hot. If you are able to, invest in some wool dryer balls as they really helped me with drying my soakers. They take only one cycle to dry.

Final words…

These are my Number One diaper for travelling because of the versatility of this system, the quick and easy care of the shells and how small they pack in a suitcase.

They are great for families thinking about cloth diapering because you can get their disposable soakers to use this as a hybrid system while you assess whether cloth diapers are for you.

GroVia AI2 shells and soakers can be purchased individually around the $17-20 mark. GroVia also offers bulk buy options. You can find these from GroVia directly or at most large online retailers.

One of the new prints, Woodlands, on the toddler butt

One of the new prints, Woodlands, on the toddler butt