Chinese Steamed Egg (Paleo, Gluten Free)

Chinese Steamed Egg (Paleo, Gluten Free)

My cousins were my best friends growing up. The best memories from my childhood took place at my cousins’ homes and especially around the dinner table. Many of my uncles and aunts were accomplished cooks and one of them made the world’s best steamed egg. Maybe when I am able to go visit them one day (my brood of babies in tow), I might be able to make this for them!

Some of my awesome cousins. Can you spot me?

Some of my awesome cousins. Can you spot me?

This steamed egg dish will be very familiar to anyone who grew up in a Cantonese household. It is a cheap and easy dish to prepare, using simple, fresh ingredients.

We start with a couple of eggs. You can modify this recipe to add more eggs if you like.

Two eggs

The important part is to get an egg and water mixture of the correct ratio. To do this, we can measure the water using half an egg shell. You will need 1.5 parts water to 1 part egg so for 2 eggs, measure 6 half-shells of water.

Measure half egg shell of water

Whisk together the egg and water until it is nice and frothy. You can add seasoning here if you wish or at the end.


Pour your mixture into a shallow dish. Next, for aesthetics, you can use a strainer and remove the layer of froth to get a smooth egg surface when it is cooked.

Remove froth

Place your egg dish in a steamer that is already bubbling at high heat.

Egg dish in steamer

Cover it with foil or with an upside down dish.

Cover with dish

Cover the steamer and turn heat down to low and steam for about 15 minutes until the egg is no longer jiggly. Then you can season with coconut aminos and sesame oil and serve!

Chinese Steamed Egg

You’ll need:

  • 2 eggs
  • 6 half shells of water (we want 1.5 parts water to 1 part egg
  • coconut aminos and sesame oil to taste


  1. Beat eggs and water together. You may add seasoning now or later.
  2. Pour egg mixture into a shallow dish and use a strainer to remove froth from surface
  3. Heat a steamer on high heat and put the dish in it covered with an upside down plate or foil.
  4. Cover steamer and set to low for 15 minutes or until egg is no longer jiggly
  5. Correct seasoning with coconut aminos and sesame oil

This dish is also great if you want to add any number of ingredients like onions, mushrooms or cooked meat. Just whisk them into the egg with Step 1.

Chinese Steamed Egg